Lila and Esme, Fairy Sisters {sneak peek}

I have been wanting to do a fairy sister photo with a new baby for a while. I had that opportunity today with these two adorable little ladies. It certainly isn’t the weather to bring fairies outside, so instead I created a little butterfly garden inside. Lila was the perfect fairy, planting flowers and decorating her garden and spreading a little magic. Esme was a little less than excited to try on her wings today but she was beautiful when she did!

Here are a few of my faves so far…

Blossoming At The Farm Fundraiser

On Saturday I was honoured to offer my services for Blossoming at the Farm's first Family Fun Day. This fundraiser was to help highlight the programming of this wonderful school, the beauty of the farm and the work they do there and the proceeds went towards providing accessible programming for children and youth.

The whole day was amazingly fun. There were farm games, face painting, animal interactions (who doesn't like feeding llamas?) disc golf and so much more! I was there to photograph the  families or fairies that crossed my path and I had a ton of fun with it! 

And of course I have to give a special thanks to my two little men who helped me all day (glitter count down anyone?) and had the biggest smiles on their dirty, candy fuelled faces at the end of the day!

Here are some of my faves from the day!

More Fairies!

My favourite kind of Fairy photo shoot is the collaborative kind. This shoot was so special because it blended two families (and playmates) together for a lovely little tea party at the end. These girls worked up an appetite playing fairies in the woods on such a beautiful day so we quickly finished all the yummy treats and lemonade and then got to work spreading some fairy dust around the farm. 

The Wind & Willow Children's Fair {Fairy Mini Sessions}

On Sunday I had the opportunity to do Fairy Mini's at the Wind and Willow Children's Fair. I had an absolute blast doing these! It was so cool to see almost all my dresses and props all set up in one area, and the best part was all the excited little fairies, elves and lost boys I met! They all took their fairy duties quite seriously and we made some pure magic!

Here are just a couple of the magical little people that crossed my path!

The tale of three little Fairies and an Elf {sneak peek}

Yesterday I had the honour of capturing three fairies and a little elf running through the woods up at Mary's Farm. These little fairies were excellent at fairy poses and we had a blast exploring the woods spreading magic before we headed into the meadow to have a little tea party! 

I have only had a quick glance at these photos since I was snapping more photos of fairies today at the Wind and Willow Children's Fair but here is a sneak peek as I know their mom's can't wait to see! :) I'll have more up tomorrow!

The Crafted Farmhouse Market {Mini sessions}

This weekend I had the pleasure of having a booth set up at the first Crafted Farmhouse Market in Sidney to do some mini sessions. I had so much fun meeting everyone and boy did I get some cute little baby faces come in front of my camera. It was also so lovely to photograph quite a few mothers and daughters who were shopping together, and some pretty adorable families. The market was also super amazing, lots of fabulous vendors and great food!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the beautiful faces to grace the lens of my camera this weekend! 

Photographer turned Glitter Magnet!

By far my favourite moments of a Fairy Session are when I show a child her first glimpse of herself as a fairy on the back of my camera, and when I pull out the glitter for the final moments of our session! 

Yesterday I had a good friend come out with me and do a few new snaps of me getting into the glitter spirit (Thanks Sara!). And boy did I ever get covered in glitter! It all started out quite innocently with a little glitter here and there and then my boys got in on the action and in seconds I had piles of  glitter stuck to me and in my hair! I'm still shedding glitter this morning. 

{Kind Words...}

I love knowing that my clients love and enjoy my work and everything I do for them. It always makes my heart warm to receive a quick email of thanks, or see one of my photos framed and hanging on the wall the next time I go to photograph a repeat client. Even something as simple as scrolling through my facebook and seeing so many smiling faces in photos I've captured makes me happy.

Here are some kind words from one of my fairy mama's:

“...we finally got to sit down tonight and view your artistry...and I wish you could have been a fly on the wall to hear our ooh’s and aah’s at your handiwork. THANK YOU so, so much for giving Jordan such a special day in that gorgeous fairy dress—she had SO much fun (as did I!). You are a sweetheart, Meg, and a talented photographer whose heart matches your eye for the beauty in life. Appreciate this special moment created by your fairy dust and photographer’s magic.”

Winter Snow Fairy and Elf! {Fairy Sessions with Meg Boorman Photography}

Last week my family traveled to Banff for a Christmas celebration with my extended family. Weeks ago I had asked some of my family if they would do a snow fairy shoot and so I got all excited and put together a few outfits and packed it all up for the trip. Of course Mother Nature did not cooperate for me and it was dry as a bone in Alberta. (The snow began just after dark that evening, of course.)

Shelby, Cooper and I had a lot of fun anyways! We found a patch of ice in the woods and skated around and had some laughs. And I have even had some fun trying to photoshop the images to look like it was snowing!

Blossoming at the Farm {Lost boy & Fairy Sessions}

My lovely, talented and generous friend Tania runs a beautiful forest school; Blossoming at the Farm. I love to follow their Instagram and see what beautiful art they are creating, the adventures they go on, the things they learn in nature and how they interact with the animals and farm.

I was overly excited when she messaged me and asked if I would come do a little "Lost Boy" and Fairy session with some of the kids because I know that they truly are Fairies and Lost boys at heart and I was not disappointed. These kids jumped at the chance to get dressed up, to be creative with their costumes, and most importantly to run barefoot through the November forest and embrace the characters they made! It was a morning of pure magic. And the horses even cooperated when their friends came over to visit in costume! And even Tania's daughter Hannah, who teaches at the farm, got dressed up for me!

I can't say enough times how amazing and fun this shoot was and I hope we do it again soon!