Sweet Baby Charlotte! {sneak peek}

I have been wanting to meet this little beauty for months and today my lovely friend Amber made the trek down the island and I got the chance to not only meet her but photograph her! She has the most adorable grin, which of course she saves for when there is no camera pointed her direction, but she was so smiley the whole time and we got some adorable shots! Here is a few fave shots before I call it a night! I’ll share more tomorrow.


Today I got the chance to snuggle an adorable little lady while I photographed her. Baby Summer is the daughter of my son’s teacher last year. It was such a treat to get a chance to meet her new baby and keep that connection with my own baby’s first teacher who helped nurture him. She was so sweet, and so was her big brother who I can tell is going to be such an amazing big brother and protector for her.

Beautiful Baby Charlotte

My good friend Natalie, who's older children are the same ages as mine, recently had the cutest little lady join the family. Today I was lucky enough to get to photograph her. She was a dream, sleeping and making cute faces for the photos, and I got adorable snuggles so it was an extra bonus!

Baby Hazel

I have been very fortunate to have many former clients become friends over the years and Erica and her family are one of those I've been lucky enough to keep in my life. I first met Erica through a mutual friend when she hired me to photograph her wedding. And now I have gotten to not only document her growing family but be a part of their lives. 

Today we had an excellent day at their house photographing their beautiful new daughter Hazel while our boys played together. And Hazel was a dream to photograph even though she was far too interested in me and my camera to sleep. And she looks so much like her brother did at that age!

And baby makes four! {Victoria BC Maternity Photographer}

I have been photographing this family (and many of their relations) for many years. It started with their wedding and then the birth of their son and now a new baby will be joining them soon! We had the perfect day for photos and got some great ones even though John was playing a little shy. And Heather made her gorgeous red dress for the day and she looked absolutely stunning!

A tiny little Cutie...

I was so excited yesterday when Baby Ethan came over for his photography debut! It has been far too long since I held a tiny little baby in my arms and I missed it. He was a perfectly behaved little guy and just loved being wrapped up under the warm lights. We got some beautiful photos of hum and got a little creative with ideas for dad and grandma too! 

The Crafted Farmhouse Market {Mini sessions}

This weekend I had the pleasure of having a booth set up at the first Crafted Farmhouse Market in Sidney to do some mini sessions. I had so much fun meeting everyone and boy did I get some cute little baby faces come in front of my camera. It was also so lovely to photograph quite a few mothers and daughters who were shopping together, and some pretty adorable families. The market was also super amazing, lots of fabulous vendors and great food!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the beautiful faces to grace the lens of my camera this weekend! 

Beautiful Baby Hiver

Today I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful new little person. She was such a doll and let us get some great shots of her while she slept. We wanted to do something a little cozy and wintery, so when I stumbled upon some fallen branches after the wind storm I knew this was meant to be. And Hiver's momma is the very talented knitter behind Magpie Knitwear (which I have photographed a few times this past year) so we made a little cozy nest of yarn for the sleeping beauty! Not to mention how lucky this little one is to have two adorable little dogs to snuggle with her and keep her safe!

Keep an eye out next week as we may have some more fun photos of this little cutie!