The Vancouver Island Baby Fair

One year ago my Fairy journey really began. During the summer I had done some adorable photos of beautiful little girls wearing flower crowns and loved how they had turned out. Then in September I was shopping with my kids and found some sparkly fairy wings. I asked my friend if I could photograph her beautiful daughter again with the wings on and fell in love with the idea of Fairy sessions.

At the end of the month I attended the baby fair as just a mom and thought to myself "I wonder if there is a way to make myself stand out from the other talented photographers here?" And then it dawned on me; I could make Fairy Sessions a full time project!

I spent my winter crafting, designing and collecting pieces to make myself a bunch of costumes, crowns and accessories. I collected wings and spread glitter everywhere in my house! And by the time spring finally arrived I had everything I needed to get off the ground. And I had some of the most beautiful little fairies come and have their photos taken to get me started.

After an amazing summer of fairy sessions, glitter and tea parties I can safely say that I love to make magic in a child's day. I love to make the beautiful costumes that they wear, I love to blow glitter as much as anyone and lastly I LOVE to capture the special magic in each little girl and boy.

Last weekend I attended the Baby Fair again, this time as a vendor and hopefully spread the magic and belief in Fairies to all the little girls (and their parents) who attended. A huge thank you to everyone who visited with me, I look forward to working with you in the future!