Photographer turned Glitter Magnet!

By far my favourite moments of a Fairy Session are when I show a child her first glimpse of herself as a fairy on the back of my camera, and when I pull out the glitter for the final moments of our session! 

Yesterday I had a good friend come out with me and do a few new snaps of me getting into the glitter spirit (Thanks Sara!). And boy did I ever get covered in glitter! It all started out quite innocently with a little glitter here and there and then my boys got in on the action and in seconds I had piles of  glitter stuck to me and in my hair! I'm still shedding glitter this morning. 

Jordan, Fall Fairy {Fairy Sessions}

If you follow my social media you'll have seen that I put together a golden autumn fairy dress and I could not decide which top I liked better. Well I decided to do both tops but on different fairies!

So today I photographed Jordan and she made the perfect little fairy, braving the cold and showing me some dance poses and adorable smiles, and I loved the way the fall colors popped. I totally want Jordan's mom to come with me to every fairy session I do as she knew exactly what to say to make Jordan smile or get into the moment.

Hair: Megan Stretch from Styled by Megan (Sirens Salon)