Happy Valentines Day!

For most holidays me and my boys like to dress up and decorate, and valentines is a great excuse for red hair and heart stickers. I have also trained them to expect a photoshoot of some kind so today I spent nap time making bowties and stringing hearts for a little after school photoshoot! 

I am one lucky lady to have these two cuties as my valentines! 

Happy Easter from the Meg Boorman Photography family!

With my own family my favourite part of every holiday is planning some sort of adorable photoshoot with my boys. This year I had big plans to make a huge paper mache egg and have the boys inside, which I did manage to pull together after a few creative problems. Of course I have photographers children who are used to the camera so they don't cooperate very much. I even had to bribe them with ice cream to get a few smiles!