Lila and Esme, Fairy Sisters {sneak peek}

I have been wanting to do a fairy sister photo with a new baby for a while. I had that opportunity today with these two adorable little ladies. It certainly isn’t the weather to bring fairies outside, so instead I created a little butterfly garden inside. Lila was the perfect fairy, planting flowers and decorating her garden and spreading a little magic. Esme was a little less than excited to try on her wings today but she was beautiful when she did!

Here are a few of my faves so far…

Happy Easter from the Meg Boorman Photography family!

With my own family my favourite part of every holiday is planning some sort of adorable photoshoot with my boys. This year I had big plans to make a huge paper mache egg and have the boys inside, which I did manage to pull together after a few creative problems. Of course I have photographers children who are used to the camera so they don't cooperate very much. I even had to bribe them with ice cream to get a few smiles!

Bubba Buns Part Two!

As promised earlier in the week today was round two of cute little people wearing the adorable creations of Mollie from Bubba Bun's! It's super fun (and a little hilarious) to photograph this age group. Sometimes they are super into it, sometimes they are shy and sometimes they flat out refuse to have their photo taken. You just have to roll with it and get what you can, but man do these little people have huge personality!

I cannot wait to show you the new costume creations in the spring line up so stay tuned for those photos on the Easter weekend, or stop by the Hudson Market on Saturday the 15th to visit Mollie and check it all out in person!

Bubba Buns

Mollie is the designing genius behind a few of my custom fairy gowns and she also creates adorable costumes, backpacks and outfits for children with her company Bubba Bun's. Today we brought together a bunch of adorable children to model some of those creations! Her new spring line is debuting Easter weekend at the Victoria Public Market so I'll save the photos of those costumes until then, but in the meantime here are some adorable kids!

We have another session with more models on the weekend so look forward to even more cuteness!

Indi the Fairy {Fairy Sessions}

Today Indi joined me to do a little woodland fairy shoot. I have been looking forward to using this costume ever since I started working on it a few months ago and Indi was the perfect little fairy to wear it! Luckily the mud had mostly dried up as we tramped through the woods today, and we found some amazing mossy trees to admire and pose with. Even on a day that's a little overcast and grey there is plenty of fairy magic in the woods!