Today I got the chance to snuggle an adorable little lady while I photographed her. Baby Summer is the daughter of my son’s teacher last year. It was such a treat to get a chance to meet her new baby and keep that connection with my own baby’s first teacher who helped nurture him. She was so sweet, and so was her big brother who I can tell is going to be such an amazing big brother and protector for her.

Happy Valentines Day!

For most holidays me and my boys like to dress up and decorate, and valentines is a great excuse for red hair and heart stickers. I have also trained them to expect a photoshoot of some kind so today I spent nap time making bowties and stringing hearts for a little after school photoshoot! 

I am one lucky lady to have these two cuties as my valentines! 

Photographer turned Glitter Magnet!

By far my favourite moments of a Fairy Session are when I show a child her first glimpse of herself as a fairy on the back of my camera, and when I pull out the glitter for the final moments of our session! 

Yesterday I had a good friend come out with me and do a few new snaps of me getting into the glitter spirit (Thanks Sara!). And boy did I ever get covered in glitter! It all started out quite innocently with a little glitter here and there and then my boys got in on the action and in seconds I had piles of  glitter stuck to me and in my hair! I'm still shedding glitter this morning. 

Chris & Kyle

Many years ago Chris and I attended photography school together and spent most of our days together, along with our classmate Sherri, trapped in dark studios, editing photos over breakfast and getting creative.

I was so honored to have her ask me to take some photos for her when she wed Kyle yesterday evening in an intimate wedding at the Union Pacific Coffee Co. There was so much love in the room, a lot of laughter and a few happy tears.

I can't wait to do some more wedding portraits of them during daylight hours! Here's a few favorites from the night.

Winter Snow Fairy and Elf! {Fairy Sessions with Meg Boorman Photography}

Last week my family traveled to Banff for a Christmas celebration with my extended family. Weeks ago I had asked some of my family if they would do a snow fairy shoot and so I got all excited and put together a few outfits and packed it all up for the trip. Of course Mother Nature did not cooperate for me and it was dry as a bone in Alberta. (The snow began just after dark that evening, of course.)

Shelby, Cooper and I had a lot of fun anyways! We found a patch of ice in the woods and skated around and had some laughs. And I have even had some fun trying to photoshop the images to look like it was snowing!

My baby turns TWO!

I don't post enough personal stuff on my blog, especially since I have such cute kids! ;)

Earlier in the week my baby Frederick turned two! It's hard to believe that so much time has passed since he rushed into the world three weeks early. He's hillarious, loves to jump out from around corners, and is addicted to Paw Patrol. He's also terriblely daring and loves to tackle and wrestle his older brother to the ground. Trouble.

To celebrate his big day I did a little photo shoot. I remembered driving by this big blue garage door with the number two on it so we went in search of it for the shoot, andit was the perfect backdrop for this crazy little man of mine.

Happy Easter from the Meg Boorman Photography family!

With my own family my favourite part of every holiday is planning some sort of adorable photoshoot with my boys. This year I had big plans to make a huge paper mache egg and have the boys inside, which I did manage to pull together after a few creative problems. Of course I have photographers children who are used to the camera so they don't cooperate very much. I even had to bribe them with ice cream to get a few smiles!

Snowy Love

I grew up in the mountains so of course I am no stranger to snow, but it was never my favourite thing. I love the quiet stillness of standing outside while it snows. The heavy feeling when the air around you is full. I love the way snow looks. So, other than driving in it, I very much appreciate the snow when it happens in Victoria because it is beautiful but still warm enough to sneak outside and enjoy.

This evening, after having spent a few hours in the snow, shoveling, sliding, walking and snowballing with my boys, I snuck outside in the last few moments of light and snapped a few photos around my house.

New Blog

I have been blogging and sharing photos with my clients for ten years! I love to be able to share a sneak peek of your photos within a few days (I hate waiting, so I hate making you wait!) and I have loved the connection with my clients and the history that my blog has created.

Last year there was a glitch with my website and my old website, as well as over 8 years of blog images, were lost off the internet. It was a very sad day for me, but it got me focused on rebranding, and starting a whole new website. Now that I am finished the transition I felt it was time to let go of my old blog and start fresh!

So welcome to my blog!

What is contained here are the stories and images of my life as a photographer and the lives of those I photograph. These are images of love, joy, fun, laughter and life.

To all my friends, family and clients; thank you for allowing me to capture the beautiful moments of your life.....come back often!