Amy and Jordan

Shortly after I met with these two to chat about their wedding next summer I received an email saying that if it snowed they would love to do their engagement session outside with the dogs. Well lucky for them Victoria is putting on a bit of a winter show this year and we headed out to Durance Lake today for some snowy fun!

These two are very natural with their affection, even in front of a camera and with the help of a few props we got some fun photos, even though Betty and Brew were not interested in doing anything but running about in the snow! ;)

Have you got your hot chocolate ready to enjoy this sneak peek from the day?!

Winter Snow Fairy and Elf! {Fairy Sessions with Meg Boorman Photography}

Last week my family traveled to Banff for a Christmas celebration with my extended family. Weeks ago I had asked some of my family if they would do a snow fairy shoot and so I got all excited and put together a few outfits and packed it all up for the trip. Of course Mother Nature did not cooperate for me and it was dry as a bone in Alberta. (The snow began just after dark that evening, of course.)

Shelby, Cooper and I had a lot of fun anyways! We found a patch of ice in the woods and skated around and had some laughs. And I have even had some fun trying to photoshop the images to look like it was snowing!

Snowy Love

I grew up in the mountains so of course I am no stranger to snow, but it was never my favourite thing. I love the quiet stillness of standing outside while it snows. The heavy feeling when the air around you is full. I love the way snow looks. So, other than driving in it, I very much appreciate the snow when it happens in Victoria because it is beautiful but still warm enough to sneak outside and enjoy.

This evening, after having spent a few hours in the snow, shoveling, sliding, walking and snowballing with my boys, I snuck outside in the last few moments of light and snapped a few photos around my house.