Fairy Information


Fairy Events

Bookings during a fairy event includes hair, wardrobe, the tea party as well as the photography with 30-40 (or more!)  images for digital download.


Individual Fairy Sessions

Bookings made on an individual basis include location of your choice, hair (only with availability) and wardrobe. You will receive approximately 30-40 images for digital download.



What happens during a fairy session:

  • When you book I will send you information about the dresses I have available in your child's size.
  • On the day of a Fairy Event you will arrive at the salon for your hair appointment and from there will travel to the location of the event.
  • When you arrive your daughter will don the fairy dress and wings and prepare for her session.
  • At the time of your session we will head off into the woods, or around the location for a 20-30 minute session, capturing the magic and beauty of being a fairy. Glitter and fairy dust included!
  • After the session we will arrive at the tea party that has been set up for yourself and your daughter, or your daughter and her friends if it is a groups session.
  • Once the tea party has come to an end you and your child return to real life with the memory of a little bit of magic.
  • A sneak peek of your images will be posted on my blog within 48 hours and approximately two weeks later your images will be available for digital download.