What to expect

Meg Boorman Photography is an award winning Portrait and Wedding photography studio located in Victoria and servicing Vancouver Island, Vancouver, as well as Canmore, Banff and the Bow Valley.

What can I expect before our session?

I would love to meet you before our session and talk about what you want from your photos, where you would like to have them taken and any products you like afterwards. Maybe we can meet for coffee, or if you have kids perhaps we can meet at the park and have a play with my own boys while we chat? If meeting in person beforehand doesn't work, an email or phone chat would be lovely so we can make sure you are getting exactly what you want!

What can I expect at my session...

First and foremost you can expect to have FUN! You will be nervous in the beginning, everyone is, but we will have fun while we are creating your colorful, natural portraits...I promise!

I like to get close, I love the expressions on peoples faces, and I will have my camera to my eye most of the session snapping away while you are being yourself. I am not an over-poser, I like to set you up in a beautiful location and maybe give you a few hints, but I want you to be yourselves. Then I will snap photos of you and play with the light while you interact!  I love photographs of people laughing, so I'm sure at some point in your session I will have you rolling on the floor with the three terrible jokes I know (hint: they all involve fish for some reason!)

I love to see the interactions between family as well, so I will be encouraging you and your children to be yourselves!

...and after?

 And after your session you can expect to see beautiful images that capture you as yourself, not just as your "smile-and-say-cheese" self (although we will do a few of those too.)

I hate to wait to see photos, which is why I come home after a long day of wedding photography (or a portrait session) and immediately head to my computer to have a look. This means that a few of my favourite pictures from your session will be up on the blog usually within 48 hours...and a online slideshow within the week.

For portrait sessions I usually have things edited and in your hands in 2-3 weeks. Weddings take a little longer and are closer to 4-6 weeks.